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Functional fitness – Gen-ex sessions


As part of Dudley Councils commitment to fitness development we have recently developed Functional Fitness sessions across leisure centres and parks with healthy hubs. As part of these developments we were asked to pilot a brand new GUN-eX® Training System.  Dudley is the only Local Authority in the country to be currently using this product.

What does GUN-eX® mean?  GUNning your muscles with eXercise.

How does Cobra work? Research has shown that the whole body can be developed by building strength and endurance- it will speed up metabolism and improve overall vitality. The GUN-eX® COBRA and ROCKET are new products not only in the field of fitness, but also in various sports. Both products are resistance ropes and thanks to these products individuals can improve total body power, increase strength, endurance, speed and muscle tone. Thanks to the GUN-eX® Training System, athletes can prepare their body during pre-season training. The product is suitable not only for athletes but also for conditioning exercises for both women and men.

GUN-eX® is based on high intensity training (HIT). HIT demands a lot of energy which the body needs to produce and make available during the training. GUN-eX® is an effective HIT training workout.

Thanks to dynamic training, results are quickly visible. Working out with GUNeX® has specific features – it is a functional training which leads to the simultaneous involvement of muscle groups, simulating movements in our everyday life. Exercising on fitness machines is often a limited range of motion and mostly concentrates on a particular muscle group. You do not have to adapt to the fitness machine anymore, GUN-eX® will adapt to you.   This training helps you build dynamic coordination of movement, stability and explosive power. The resistance ropes provide an ideal mixture of rotation, power, stability and coordination. The resistance allows for great variability of training. Less resistance enables training at high speed motion and higher resistance creates low speed motion.   All the dynamics and energy is being stored in the body while through the movement the body and brain is learning how to effectively use this energy with maximum efficiency. Plus how to control the movement stability when the rope is going back to shortened state. Core rotations and coordination is in all sports and every training movement. Those tools are able to automatise those training principles from the base step by step up to dynamic coordinated movement.            

Energy Waves   In comparison to normal heavy battle ropes, GUN-eX® COBRA resistance ropes create different energy waves. It uses greater muscle involvement during the whole exercise and it incinerates calories. Muscle activation during a workout with GUN-eX® resistance ropes causes a higher frequency muscle contractions than training with non-resistance ropes. It creates a deeper burn and a more effective workout for every muscle in the body. These energy waves created by the resistance ropes when hitting the anchor must be compensated by body muscles. This involves core and more deep stabilisation system activation.

Core Strength   The GUN-eX® workout consists of numerous movements involving the trunk muscles, which stabilise the body. The core is considered as an area from the pelvis to the chest, also including all the soft structures of this space (i.e., muscles, ligaments, fascia and the skeleton). In terms of the muscle – bone biomechanics system, it is important to realise that every movement of our body (including the very thought of movement) is preceded by spinal muscle activity, which must stabilize our body in a gravitational field. This stability is achieved through muscles belonging to the so called deep stabilization system or core.

Examples of this are the transverses abdominis, pelvic floor muscles and the system of minor spinal muscles. Simply speaking, if you do not have good posture, you can never achieve quality movement (hence reach neither maximum strength muscle coordination nor optimal performance). The quality of spinal muscles´ stability is reflected also in the periphery (limbs) and its failure can lead to overloading of joints and muscles or the risk of developing injuries.

Exercise with GUN-eX® helps coordinate the spinal muscles in connection with movements of the limbs and thus trains balance. Due to the dynamic principle of exercise, the muscles learn to react quickly and at the same time economically to handle situations stimulated by exercise. This quick reaction can then be used in everyday life (i.e. better coordination if you slip, a sudden change of body movement, etc.). Consequently the power of all involved muscles (trunk and limbs) is increased.