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Get Fit on a Budget


Getting fit on a budget

Summer is on the way and your thinking of hitting the gym but can’t afford it. The gym is a great place to start your fitness journey and a great part of many people’s weight loss, but don’t be fooled into think you have to pay that monthly membership!

Your body is your main tool for being fit, healthy and active! Membership to gyms can be expensive and its not necessary, so here is our advice for getting fit on a budget:

Workout videos.

There are some great workout videos to suit taste, ability and workout types. Dance, aerobic, step, Crossfit, yoga, palates, maybe try a few to see what you enjoy the most. Maybe add them to your Amazon wish list or get people to buy them for you for Christmas or a birthday present. They can also be picked up from charity shops, libraries, search online for offers. Try to stay away from the latest celeb workout video, they will soon be discounted and available at half the cost. If you are on a really tight budget then there are plenty of workouts available on Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

Use your location.

If you are lucky enough to live in a rural location, try hiking or if you live in a hilly area try to use the hills top your advantage. Stairs are also a great workout, either at home or in public places. Interval training on steps are a great way to work out and burn fat.

Download some apps

from your phone or tablet. There are litterly hundreds of free and paid apps to download from the Apple App store and Android store. From motivational apps that try to inspire you to get moving to apps you can create your own workout to suit your lifestyle to nutritional apps that can help monitor your nutritional lifestyle and how best too change for the better.

Create your own gym.

This takes a lot less effort and money then you think. Choose gym equipment that are free and not in a fixed position so you can have a greater variety of workouts. Equipment like dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls and  resistance bands all help to keep the exercises varied for very little outlay. Many of these can be picked up cheaply second hand. Try ebay, local charity shops and car boot sales. If you are on a really tight budget why not fill cans and bottles with sand or water and use them in your exercise routines.

Start a challenge.

Nothing motivates you better then setting yourself a realistic challenge. Maybe join a race or event and set yourself mini goals prior to the event.

Getting to work.

Find alternative methods of getting to work. Is it close enough to walk or cycle? A 30 minute walk can get you that much needed exercise and fresh air and burn up to 200 calories. That is a whole bowl of cereal or a doghnut!

Let us help you / Disclaimer

You will find on Lets Get hundreds of activities you can join in for free. These are practiced in a safe, supervised environment.  We really encourage you to attend some of these if you are starting out.  Activities performed outside of these events are at your own risk, and Lets Get or Dudley Council cannot be held responabily for any injuries caused.  Please be careful and feel free to contact us if you have any concerns, or would like some advice.