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Get cooking – helping towards a Healthier You!

Our research demonstrates that Get Cooking can help you improve your diet* without the need for faddy diets, so register for a course and begin your journey to a Healthier You today.

*71% of people who complete Get Cooking improve their fruit and vegetable intake, 67% reduce their salty food intake, 59% reduce their sugary food intake, and 57% reduce their fatty food intake.

Get Cooking is a FREE 6 week course provided by Dudley Council. The course covers key healthy eating messages and practical ways to achieve them. Each session is 2 hours long and provides invaluable information on ways to reduce your fat, salt and sugar intake, all vital to help maintain a healthy weight. There are group cooking activities to put the healthy eating messages into practice and give ideas for cooking on a budget. You can even learn to make healthier curries, chicken nuggets, homemade burgers, homemade pizza and much more!

These sessions are open to anyone who lives or works in the Dudley Borough (or is registered with a Dudley GP), age 16 years or older and wants to change what they are eating!

Find your nearest course here or to register your interest click here.