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Why Aerobic Activity is Important for Weight Loss

Whether your ultimate goal is to lose weight, reduce fat or just to improve fitness, regular aerobic activity can help you succeed. Fitness experts agree that aerobic activity is the single most effective way to improve cardiovascular fitness. Numerous studies have even shown that men and women who engage in regular aerobic can live longer.

Regular aerobic activity has been shown to increase  lung capacity and can help make all types of workout easier. This can encourage people to work out more often, resulting in even greater benefits.

Aerobic Activity

Aerobic activity has also been shown to reduce the risk of some of the biggest health problems in the modern world. Working out regularly has been shown to lower the risk of such killers as diabetes, cardiovascular disease disease and even cancer.

Aerobic fitness allows the body’s cardiovascular and muscular system to get the energy they need to use the largest muscle groups for extended periods of time.

Examples of cardiovascular activity include

  • Running  (including on a treadmill)
  • Dancing
  • Tennis
  • Football

Both intensity of activity and its duration is important in reaching high levels of aerobic fitness. Performing an aerobic activity or combination of exercises for a minimum of 30 minutes per day on three to seven days per week will help you reach your maximum aerobic fitness level.

For maximum effectiveness, your aerobic activity programme should raise your heart rate (remember your RPE) to a higher than (your) normal level and you should try and maintain that during the course of your workout. Even so, it is important to start slowly when embarking on a new activity regime.  if you are unsure about your health or any medical conditions you have being a problem to exercise  then go through the following Physical Activity readiness questionnaire (PARQ)  (Include link)  and guidance. Your GP or practice nurse will be able to clarify your condition and make a referral into Dudley’s Exercise referral service.

As your fitness level improves, you can start to ramp up that activity regimen, first by walking more briskly and then moving on to an easy jog and finally to a run. If running is not your thing, you can make your activity more intense by walking 30 to 60 minutes or choosing a route with lots of hills and inclines.

Burning Fat

Aerobic activity is a powerful way to burn fat, and that can result in lasting weight loss. While calorie-restricted diets can help you lose weight, many of those pounds lost come not from fat but from water and muscle tissue. Losing muscle is counterproductive to weight loss, since increased muscle mass increases your metabolism and makes weight loss easier.

Cardiovascular activity helps to reverse this trend, allowing you to lose fat while maintaining and even increasing your muscle mass. Gaining muscle can boost your metabolism even further and make further fat loss that much easier.   Regular aerobic activity also strengthens your existing muscles and makes injuries less likely. A workout-related injury could derail your workout routine and make losing weight that much harder. Keeping your muscles strong can make those regular workouts less stressful and make you less prone to injury.

As if that were not enough, there is one additional benefit of aerobic activity – one you may not have thought of. Regular activity is a great antidote for stress, and stress is a major trigger for overeating. Many people overeat when they are feeling depressed or stressed. Activity can elevate your mood by releasing serotonin and related chemicals. That can make you feel better and less stressed, which in turn can reduce the urge to overeat.