Who are we?

Action Health is a project in which cancer patients at the Dudley Group of Hospitals can be supported in being more active. Keeping active is one of the best ways to make a positive difference to your life, at whatever stage of cancer treatment you might be. Our programme, run by the Action Health team, means that there is now an exercise specialist trained in working with cancer patients who will help you with safe and effective ways of being active.

How does being active help?

Being active during and after treatment can help:

  • Reduce tiredness, stress and anxiety
  • Look after your bones
  • Look after your heart
  • Keep your weight healthy
  • Improve your quality of life
  • To reduce your risk of recurrence or developing other cancers.

It’s good to move!

Whatever your health, regular physical activity can help you feel better. However, being more active can be challenging, particularly if you are also dealing with a difficult illness, so it is important to get advice before you start. The Action Health team will give you tailored, individual advice.

Once you are referred to the Action Health team, you will be assessed by a specialist who has been trained in working with people with cancer, and who will then discuss with you the ways in which you can increase your physical activity. This might be through exercise at home, attending a gym or fitness centre local to where you live, or by attending Action Heart Centre, at Russell’s Hall Hospital, for a 12 week supervised exercise programme.

We want to support you in starting regular, sustainable physical activity and a discussion with our team would include:

  • Planning safe and effective exercise that meets your personal needs and abilities
  • Overcoming your concerns
  • Finding suitable activities to build your physical fitness in a way that suits you
  • Managing the side-effects or after- effects of treatment
  • Choosing enjoyable physical activities that fit into your life and match your interests
  • Planning ongoing support to help you keep as active as you would like.

Get in touch

To see if you are eligible to join this programme, please speak to your cancer liaison nurse or your consultant. If you are eligible they will be able to refer you to the Action Health team.

For more information about the Action Health project, please contact us on 01384 456111 ext. 1470 or email actionhealth@actionheart.com