Action Health

Action Health is a specialist service that helps and supports cancer patient to be more active. Keeping active is one of the best ways to make a positive difference to your life, at whatever stage of cancer treatment you might be. Our programme, run by the Action Health team, means that there is now an exercise specialist trained in working with cancer patients who will help you with safe and effective ways of being active.

How does being active help?

Being active during and after treatment can help:
• reduce tiredness, reduce stress and anxiety
• look after your bones
• look after your heart
• keep your weight healthy
• improve your quality of life
• to reduce your risk of recurrence or developing other cancers.


  • Action Heart Centre, South Block, Russells Hall Hospital, DY1 2HQ


  • Free of charge for up to 3 sessions per week. Clients are also directed and encouraged to suitable independent activity
  • Car parking: Action Heart have a preferential parking scheme at a discounted rate

What does the offer involve?

Once referred to the Action Health team, patients will be assessed by a specialist who has been trained in working with people with cancer, and who will then discuss ways in which to increase physical activity. This might be through exercise at home, attending a gym or fitness centre local to where your patient lives, or by attending the Action Heart Centre, at Russells Hall Hospital, for a 12-week supervised exercise programme.

How can I refer someone?

You can complete the referral using EMIS or complete Action Health form. Email the completed referral to Action Heart via:
Post: Action Heart Centre,
South Block,
Russells Hall Hospital,
Alternatively make referral by telephone: 01384 456111 ext.1470