Bereavement Kindness Toolkit

This bereavement kindness toolkit has been developed with volunteers and community groups. It is a resource to share with others, to create awareness of how to help someone who has been bereaved. Please click on the toolkit to enlarge it.

“Thanks to the volunteers at the Hope House, Place of Welcome, Lower Gornal and to Carrie Blount, Places of Welcome & Buddying Facilitator for giving their thoughts and everyone else who provided their feedback for this toolkit.”

Thank you to the following people and organisations for officially endorsing the bereavement kindness toolkit At A Loss, Muslim Bereavement Support Service, The Right Reverend Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London and Chair of the UK Commission on Bereavement and Transforming Communities Together.

bereavement kindness toolkit

The Right Reverend Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London and Chair of the UK Commission on Bereavement said:

“The loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things each of us has to face. No matter the circumstances, when someone dies it has a profound impact on those around them, those who have loved and cared for them, with whom their lives have been intertwined.

“The pandemic made grieving particularly difficult for many of those who have lost loved ones. COVID-19 led to a considerable number of additional deaths across the country, meaning more people have had to deal with loss, but it also disrupted the ways we often approach and deal with death and bereavement. The UK Commission on Bereavement, which I chair, has been established to explore how we can better support bereaved people, and to address the difficulties and inequalities COVID-19 has highlighted.

“While COVID-19 exacerbated many of these issues, it is clear that the support available to those who have been bereaved has been inadequate for a very long time. It is vital that professionals, volunteers and community groups come together to help those who are suffering, and so I welcome the efforts made by Dudley Council to improve access to bereavement support and local services.”

James Henderson from Transforming Communities Together

“Bereavement can be such a difficult time, but I know first-hand how much the kindness of others can help – it certainly helped me! These new resources share some great tips for us all to help support those who have lost a friend or loved one. We are delighted to promote and endorse these resources at Transforming Communities Together, because we know that they will support many people in Dudley and beyond to flourish again after bereavement.”