Sharing knowledge to address the intergenerational debt issues caused by a lack of financial capability skills

Citizens Advice Dudley Borough are helping people in Dudley to take control of their finances through supporting them to understand and manage their money and as a consequence improve their mental health and overall wellbeing.

They are doing this by:

  • Supporting and delivering knowledge and skills to young people and parents, through both 1 to 1 and group sessions
  • Using easy- to- use existing and bespoke tools specific to individual needs. These tools make budgeting, finding the best deals on shopping and utilities and saving accessible and convenient for everyone
  • Delivering the group sessions allow better communication around money meaning that people  learn from each other, helping to demystify money skills
  • Developing and sharing these skills amongst family and friends will prevent debt, specifically intergenerational debt
  • Delivering Awareness Sessions to staff at banks, colleges and other relevant agencies who will then go on to share information with others in the borough
  • Training beneficiaries to become Peer Mentors to share and develop the skills that they have learned with many other people across Dudley

People involved in the project have reported having a much better understanding of their skills and abilities around money and say that they are sharing their knowledge with friends and family:


Here’s what participants have been saying:


“The budgeting tips, saving money on utility bills and dealing with debt was good information to share with my mum and sister.


“I live by myself far away from my family but the information you have taught me can really help me handle my money better.”


‘I talked to my husband about what I- have learned in the Money Confidence sessions and we are taking action to put a budget plan together to take control of our finances’


‘I know now how to borrow money safely’


‘I was worried about the debt letters but I now feel better because I now know which letters are important and the action I need to take’.


‘I have learned how I can switch energy suppliers and this will save my family a lot of money’


‘I am already teaching my children how to save money on bills and shopping’

More Information

If you or anyone you know would like to benefit from this project please contact Mark on 07935 217590, or