The Curiosity Club

The Curiosity Club, a project of Workshop 24 established in 2018 as a Centre for Contemporary Art and Wellbeing, have secured funding for the Innovation Fund to deliver a social art project that aims to reach and collaborate with adults living in and around Brierley Hill who are lonely and socially isolated.  The Club aims to co-create an art project which will encourage people to take time out from their everyday lives and engage in a range of exploratory activities which increases an individual’s sense of curiosity, creativity, connectedness and belonging.


Participants will be invited and supported to co-create an ‘art adventure’ as a means to see, think and feel differently. Residents of all ages and backgrounds living in and around Brierley Hill will join The Curiosity Club and by doing so will benefit from opportunities to share and exchange thoughts, ideas and stories,  participate in a range of creative activities and receive encouragement to take interest in and explore the places around them.

The Curiosity Club are hoping to reach and collaborate with at least 100 Brierley Hill residents who are lonely, socially isolated, disengaged from community life and at risk of developing mental health issues.