The following websites and apps can provide you and your family with further advice and information if required.

Better Health

Whether you want to lose weight, get active or quit smoking, Better Health will provide you with lots of free tools and support.

Better Health: Better Families

Lots of tips and advice to help you and your family eat better and move more.

BMI Calculator

Use this calculator to check your body mass index (BMI) and find out if you’re a healthy weight. Or you can use it to check your child’s BMI.

Drink Free Days App

Feel healthier, lose weight and save money by picking your days to go drink-free. Download the free app to support you.

How are you? Quiz

Take the quiz and get tips on looking after your health

Food Scanner: Download the free NHS Food Scanner app

A speedy scan of your family’s favourite products reveals a range of healthier swaps for next time you shop.

Sign up for cook together meals

Sign up and every 4 weeks you’ll receive:

  • 2 tasty recipes per week
  • Simple recipes, including videos and step-by-step instructions
  • Cooking and shopping tips

British Heart Foundation Recipe Finder

British Dietetic Association – Healthy Eating for Children Fact Sheet