Thick-cut, straight chips are used rather than fries or crinkle-cut chips

We don't offer battered or coated chips

Chips that are pre-soaked are left to dry for at least 45 minutes before frying.

The oil is heated to 160-165°C (high efficiency fryer) and 180°C (traditional fryer) before cooking. If baking the oven is not heated above 180°C

Chips are fried for 5-6 minutes only, or manufacturers guidelines are followed if using frozen chips. We discard any chips that are a darker than golden yellow colour.

The chip basket is shaken and banged several times after being taken out of the fryer to remove as much excess oil as possible

When frying, the fryer is not overloaded. If using a basket, the basket is half full or less.

We keep the fryer topped up with oil

Breaded items are shaken before frying to remove loose breadcrumbs

Chips are fried separately to other items (e.g. battered or breaded items) to ensure the oil stays fresh for longer

The cooking oil is sieved/skimmed before frying to remove loose breadcrumbs or batter

We filter, change oils and clean cooking equipment as often as needed (at least once per day) or as recommended by suppliers.

The cooking oil is changed regularly - before it smokes, foams, froths, changes colour etc.

The oil in the fryer is cooled to 100°C and covered when idle, and not kept at a high temperature (160-165°C or 180°C)

There is the option to have steamed or microwaved fish