Cook 4 Life

Aim of Cook 4 Life
To provide you with practical cooking skills and improve your knowledge on health eating

How we learn together:

-In a fun and practical way
-Helping to increase interest and confidence in cooking
-By tasting new foods
-Gaining useful tips on menu planning and budgeting

What you will learn:

The main nutrition messages to be promoted over the duration of the
programme will be:

– Eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables daily
– The Eatwell guide to demonstrate the contents of a healthy balanced diet
– Low fat cooking methods
– Reduced sugar cooking methods
– Tips to reduce salt intake
– Understanding hidden calories in alcohol and sugar rich drinks

The main food safety messages that will be covered are:
– Hand-washing
– Cooling cooked food quickly for chilling or freezing
– Appropriate storage and preparation of raw and cooked foods
– Cleaning equipment
– Cooking meat thoroughly
– Use by/ best before dates

Programme Length: 6 weeks
Session Length: 2 hours


You will be supported to prepare and cook a range of simple but tasty budget friendly meals.  You will have a chance each week to try the food we cook, or take some home if preferred.

Groups will be kept to a minimum so everyone is able to get the support they need and enjoy a friendly and fun atmosphere at each session.


Booking Required!

To find your nearest Cook 4 Life programme contact the Let’s Get Healthy Dudley Team on 01384 732402 or 0800 061 4962. Alternatively click here to visit the explore page.