Positive mental wellbeing is when we are able to develop our own potential, work productively and creatively, feel confident and able to meet the demands of everyday life.

This includes:

  • Forming strong and positive relationships with others, feeling connected and supported
  • Living life with purpose and meaning and making a contribution to our communities
  • Doing things that make us feel content, joyful and give us peace of mind
  • Learning to recognise and handle stress in a more positive way

We all experience challenges or situations in life that we find difficult, however if we make small changes to our lifestyle this can have a big impact on the way we think, feel and deal with these challenges.

The way we think and feel is also closely related to our physical health.

“Positive mental wellbeing means feeling good – about yourself and the world around you – and being able to get on with life in the way you want”


“Sometimes, we think of wellbeing in terms of what we have: our income, our home or car, or our job. But evidence shows that what we do and the way we think have the biggest impact on mental wellbeing”