Being active is good for you both physically and mentally

  • Have you been moving less?
  • Are you worried about how little you move?

We should all aim to have some movement or activity in our daily routine and it’s tough to find the motivation. But there’s never been a better time to make a start in moving for at least 30 minutes each day.

Useful websites

30 minutes per day

Three lots of 10 minutes, six lots of five minutes. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but the Let’s Get Moving belief is that only 30 minutes of moving and stretching each day can keep you stronger and healthier.

If 30 minutes is easy for you, then set yourself a bigger goal.

Easy wins

Why is moving important?

Being physically active or just moving about is great for your mind and your body. It can:

  • improve your balance, reducing the risk of falls in later life
  • reduce the chances of getting some diseases
  • strengthen your bones and muscles
  • help you sleep better
  • reduce anxiety

Movement is a big part of helping us to live healthy longer lives.

Handy tips

Don’t worry

Increasing your activity can seem daunting, or impossible to fit into your day, but these pages will guide you through how you can do it.

See tips, easy wins, Dudley challenges and useful websites.

If you’re unsure about your ability, it might be wise to start gradually and build up. Take a look at the UK Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO’s) Physical Activity Guidelines when determining the level of activity appropriate for you.

Make sure you warm up and cool down to prevent injury, and make sure you keep hydrated.

Stop the exercises immediately if you feel faint or unwell, and if you still feel dizzy or unwell, have a rest. Next time try something less strenuous, building up your activity gradually.

Make sure your workout area is safe and free of obstacles before exercising.

Supervise any young children taking part.

If you’re pregnant, the CMO’s advice is to start gradually if you weren’t active prior to pregnancy. And if you were, then to keep going but listen to your body and adapt. Staying active during pregnancy helps with mood, sleep and reduces the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and weight gain. The CMO recommends 150 minutes or more of moderate intensity physical activity a week – with every activity and minute counting. The NHS has also produced guidance about getting active during pregnancy.


Getting started

Take a few minutes to fill in the ‘Let’s Get Started‘ questionnaire. It will give you an idea of how active you already are, a bit of information and you can make a commitment to increase your physical activity.

In a few weeks you can then complete the ‘How are you doing?’ questionnaire to tell us what you’ve been up to and the impact it’s having. You could even share your tips and advice with us.

Here to help

We have brought together lots of advice, challenges, tools, tips and resources to help you build movement and activity into your life. We have something for everyone, no matter your age, health condition or fitness level.

Choosing what to do is all based around you so make sure it’s

achievable, convenient and enjoyable