ShapeUp4Life is a 12 week programme that combines nutrition and lifestyle advice with physical activity. It will help you to not only lose weight but keep it off long term.

The ShapeUp4Life plan comes with unlimited access to our free recipes and snack ideas. Developed by our experts and the NHS these healthy foods contain a balanced mix of nutrients helping you to eat well and enjoy your meals.

You’ll see your amazing weight loss journey on your very own personalised dashboard, set yourself goals and share ideas from other successful ShapeUp4Life members.

ShapeUp4Life isn’t a diet or a fad, it’s a lifestyle change. It’s about eating a healthy balanced diet full of all of the nutrients that your body needs, enjoying healthy snacks and eating out in a healthy way. At the same time as being more active and loving what you do!

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You can join the ShapeUp4Life programme if you meet the eligibility criteria below:

  • Live or work in the Dudley Borough, or registered with a Dudley Borough GP
  • Aged 18 years + above
  • Have a high Body Mass Index (contact us for more information and eligibility criteria).

You will not be able to use the programme if:

  • Pregnant or Breastfeeding
  • Have an Eating Disorder
  • Have an underlying medical cause for obesity and would benefit from more intensive clinical management
  • Have a significant co-morbidity or complex needs as identified by your GP or other healthcare professional