July 10, 2019

Community health action meetings

We are planning to hold seven meetings for you to talk with other members of your community about things that affect the health of you, your family and friends and what organisations can do to make things better.

Together we will try and answer the question;

“What can we all do together to help people in the Dudley Borough be healthy?”

Not only do you get to talk and meet new people over a cup of tea or coffee, but for each session you attend you will be given a £20 gift voucher. If you attend all seven, that’s £140!

If you are selected, we would like you to come to all 7 sessions to develop a shared group outlook, so if you think there may be something stopping you, like childcare or mobility, get in touch and we will try to help.

The project will take place from September to November 2019. The dates and times will be confirmed once we have received your responses about the preferred options.

For information about how your information is stored and used please refer to the Dudley Council and the Public Health Children and Young Peoples Team Privacy Statement.