April 8, 2016

Get Set to Go

What’s it all about?
Welcome to Get Set to Go. It’s an exciting new programme designed to help those of us with a mental health problem to get more active through sport. For most of us, we know that having an active body has benefits for our mental and physical health – and many people find that it’s fun and enjoyable to get active through sport.

Get Set to Go has been designed with input from people who’ve successfully increased their physical activity. We’ve used their experiences to see how we can best support individuals and help remove some of the barriers people face when trying to get active.

Dudley Mind is pleased to be one of 8 national pilot sites funded by Sport England and the National Lottery to deliver Get Set to Go locally working in partnership with sports providers, Dudley Council and the Black Country Be Active. To see examples of how sport can help make a difference to those of us with a mental health problem see the video on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFj10HVlKLc  

How will it work?
Dudley Mind will work with local sports providers to offer monthly taster sessions so you can try out different sports and other physical activities to see what you enjoy.

We will also offer a weekly sport based group where you will be supported by people with experience of a mental health problem who already use physical activity and  found it has supported their wellbeing. For example this is what Ade says: “Exercise wasn’t the one thing that “fixed” me – a number of things did that including meditation, diet and a focus on life outside of work  – but if I had to list the top ten strategies for dealing with a mental health problem, exercise would be very near, or even at, the top.”

You will also have the option of being paired with one of our trained volunteers who can encourage and support you being active by looking at your individual needs and any barriers you might be facing.

Dudley Mind’s Get Set to Go Coordinator will be on hand to answer any questions and to help you find opportunities to be active in your local community.

You can also join Mind’s online community Elefriends (www.elefriends.org.uk) to talk to other people who are using physical activity to support their mental health. It’s a great place to share tips and advice, and provide mutual support.

How can I get involved?
If you think Get Set to Go can help you and you want more information then please get in touch with either James or Liz at Dudley Mind on 01384 442938

We are also looking for volunteers who already use sport and have some experience of mental health to help us, so please contact James or Liz or visit our websitewww.dudleymind.org.uk for more information.