April 8, 2016

Let’s get Gornal Cooking!

Get Cooking! is a free 6 week course that will help you to cook healthy, tasty meals on a budget.

To register your interest in a course near you, get in touch today:


Call: 01384 816491

email : nutrition@dudley.gov.uk
So why sign up?

Barbara Maxwell, 64, lost five pounds after picking up tips on Get Cooking! Barbara takes more notice of what she is eating now.

Rachel Griffiths, 32, attending Get Cooking at Mary Stevens Park last year. “I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a fabulous service. Since attending, I have managed to make changes to my diet that has also enabled me to make changes as a family. I learned how to read food and drink labels. As a result I have removed certain drinks from our family diet, we now also eat more oily fish, use more herbs and spices to improve taste, and less salt. Overall I have found this service very helpful and would recommend it to others.”

Clive Naylor, 67, “I picked up some good ideas and cooking skills, I eat more fruit and vegtables and use less sugar and cooking oil. I now feel healthier and more active for my age. I do a fair bit of cycling, walking and bowling now.”

Places are open to anyone aged 16+ who lives or works in Dudley Borough and would like to improve their cooking skills and healthy eating knowledge!