November 1, 2017

Winter is Coming, are you ready?

Winter is on its way and it is important that we think about steps we can take to make sure that we, as well as those we know who may be more vulnerable, are ready to deal with it.

General advice on coping with the winter months is available at:

Staying warm and well over winter is vitally important, and the government have produced information, including help and support you may be entitled to.

In addition, Dudley’s Winter Warmth Service can support residents to stay warm and well this winter. Each household can receive free advice and support to help them get the best energy deals, manage their debt, and use their heating efficiently. Home improvements such as insulation and repairs to boilers and heating systems are also available, alongside support to access government grants for more costly work such as boiler replacements. Oil filled radiators are available on loan to residents who have no heating, and blankets are also available to people who are considered to be very vulnerable.

So, if you or anyone you know is at risk from living in a cold home, phone Dudley’s Winter Warmth Service today on 01384 817086 or email:

Finally, Flu can be a debilitating condition and in some groups such as the elderly, pregnant women, those with underlying medical conditions and the young, can be particularly harmful. But you can do something to protect you and your family by getting vaccinated. You can get your Flu jab from GP surgeries and local pharmacies.

Check if you are entitled to a free Flu jab by visiting NHS Choices.