April 8, 2016

Your Spice Kitchen


Free cooking courses and recipe books are available for residents in Dudley borough.

The ‘Your Spice Kitchen’ book is a collection of recipes gathered from local community groups including the Tandrusti Project.  It contains popular foods such as curries, koftas and vegetarian dishes which have been nutritionally analysed by the Food and Nutrition Team, Office of Public Health.

A copy of the book is offered to people who complete one of Dudley Council’s healthy cooking courses.  Get Cooking! and Fun with Food courses* are being run at venues across Dudley borough to help teach people how to make healthy meals.

To refer yourself to one of the healthy cooking courses please call 01384 816491 or email nutrition@dudley.gov.uk.

Alternatively ‘Your Spice Kitchen’ is available on loan at all Dudley libraries.

* please note that eligibility criteria apply