It is important to keep ourselves safe and well during winter.  There are lots of practical help, support, information and advice to keep older and vulnerable people protected over the cold winter months.

For further details on visit the Dudley Council winter wellbeing information.


Tips to stay winter safe

  • Think twice before going out in snow and ice
  • Ask someone to pick up food or medication for you if the weather is bad
  • Let someone know before you go out in bad weather, or take someone with you
  • Keep a stock of long-life, tinned and frozen food in your store cupboard in preparation for bad weather
  • If you need to go out to an appointment, try not to venture out alone, take someone with you – even if they are not allowed in with you
  • Wear sensible shoes in icy or snowy weather with a good, deep grip
  • Be careful when going out in thawing snow or ice, it can hide icy surfaces
  • Stay safe and secure – keep doors locked even when you are at home and use a door chain.  Make sure you ask callers for ID
  • Close your curtains after dark
  • Get your heating system and other gas appliances checked out by a professional
  • Keep a useful list of contacts handy

Tips to stay winter well

  • There’s lots of advice on staying well over the winter on the NHS staywell website
  • Get both of your Covid jabs and booster dose when eligible
  • Be sure to have your flu jab too
  • Eat a balanced diet and take a vitamin D supplement
  • Keep a stock of your medication and make sure you order any repeat prescriptions well before you run out
  • Make sure you keep warm at home – keep heating on and dress warmly in several layers
  • Keep moving around, even when stuck indoors.  Move every hour to keep joints and muscles working and to boost your circulation
  • Eat well and regularly – have at least one hot meal a day and hot drinks through the day
  • Get healthcare advice promptly from your local pharmacy, or your GP, don’t wait until you feel very unwell
  • Keep in touch with family and friends with a daily chat, or check out the Dudley Community Information Directory to find out what’s going on in your local area


For a copy of the Winter Wellbeing booklet click here.