Your baby will have routine vaccinations (injections) from 2 months of age onwards. These vaccinations are very important for your baby as they will protect them from serious diseases such as polio, measles, mumps and bacterial infections that can cause meningitis, to name but a few. You can see what vaccinations are due and when on the immunisation schedule.

More information about the vaccines your baby will receive up to 13 months of age can be found on the website and for those aged 3 years 4 months, information about the pre-school booster can be seen here on the website.

There’s lots of information about vaccinations and you should be sure that you are getting your information from a trusted and reliable source. The NHS website provides details about the different vaccinations and you can find out more about vaccines, how they work and what’s in them in this booklet from the British Society for Immunology and here on the NHS website.

Contact your GP, Practice Nurse and / or Health Visitor if you have concerns or queries regarding vaccinations for your child.