Call Blocking

Call blocking is a brilliant of way of stopping scam calls. Call blockers are devices that are connected to your house phone and will give you the option of blocking scam and unwanted callers. You can also enquire with your phone line provider if they offer a call blocking service, many of the well known phone companies do.

At present the Scams Unit have some free call blockers to loan to elderly and vulnerable adults living in the Dudley borough. Please contact us to see if you are eligible for one of our free call blockers.

Top Tips!

Never pursue call blocking services from a cold caller! These are likely to be scams!

Most mobile phones now have the facility to block. If you receive scam calls or scam text messages to your Mobile phone, check to see if you have the option of Blocking numbers. If you can, then remember to block numbers if you don’t want them to call or text you again.