Breakfast clubs can be an important way of supporting a whole school focus on healthy lifestyles. Breakfast clubs allow children to have a healthy breakfast in a safe and secure environment before school and can be particularly essential for families who do not have the resources or the time to provide breakfast for their children. They are able to offer children a social environment to have breakfast with their peers. The food provided in breakfast clubs is still expected to follow the healthy food policies which schools follow throughout the day.

Throughout the UK there are various schemes in place to aid the planning and running of a breakfast club. Visit the Food a Fact of Life website for more information.

National school breakfast club programme

Schools in disadvantaged areas are eligible for the programme if they have 40% or more pupils in bands A-F of the income deprivation affecting children index. All participating schools will receive a 75% subsidy for the food and delivery costs of breakfast club provision until the end of July 2024. Full details can be found in this guidance.

Compliance with School Food Standards

Any food and drink provided at a Breakfast Club must be compliant with the national school food standards for school food other than lunch.

Governors should work in partnership with their school to undertake a regular audit of breakfast provision using the Checklist for school food other than lunch