Whole School Food Policy

A Whole School Food Policy is a shared, evolving document for all stakeholders that interact with your school. It expresses a common vision of the ethos, status and role of all aspects of food within your school. In particular, it aims to develop a coherent approach to healthy eating activities in your school.

It encourages all aspects of food and drink to be brought together, clearly, coherently and consistently, including:

  • the formal curriculum, e.g. subjects, equipment and resources, ingredient provision and continuing professional development for staff;
  • extra-curricular activities, e.g. cookery club, school gardens;
  • participation in national events and initiatives;
  • provision of food and drink at school, e.g. breakfast clubs, tuck shop, school lunch , healthy hydration and use of food and drink as a reward;
  • consumption of food and drink at school, e.g. dining room environment, service style, time, pupils bringing food to schools, lunchboxes (including information to parents/carers) and commercial food vans;
  • promotion of food and drink, including advertising and sponsorship;
  • events and lettings at school, e.g. school fete;
  • pastoral care and welfare issues, e.g. behaviour, free school lunches.

A useful step by step guide to establishing a Whole School Food Policy can be found on the Food a Fact of Life website.