Introduction to change the way you age

Welcome to change the way you age. We all age, that is a fact of life – from the day we are born we are ageing. However, how we age is not compulsory. A large proportion of how we age is through some of the choices we make in life.


The change the way you age resources on this website are a great opportunity for you to explore and consider your choices that help you to age well and to make decisions earlier. This could be about making healthier lifestyle choices, maintaining physical fitness and emotional wellbeing, planning ahead to ensure you have discussed life-changing events with your friends and family.

There are a number of subjects covered in change the way you age:

Later Life Planning Guide

A later life planning guide will help you to look at your own later life planning from an earlier age so that plans can be put in place to prepare for the future.  If you would like a hard copy please call 01384 816437.