Staying occupied

Here are some ideas and activities that you could get involved in:

  • Speak to friends and family over the phone, letters, email, face-to-face or use the wide range of virtual ways of communicating
  • Set yourself a daily goal so you feel like you have achieved something. At the end of the day think about a good thing that has happened that day
  • Keep a daily schedule of who to contact so you can speak to a different person each day
  • Do things that you enjoy – reading, cooking, indoor hobbies, watching your favourite TV show, listening to the radio, DIY etc; the list is endless
  • Spend time doing things you have been putting off – paperwork, have a spring clean (household and electronic!), learn a new skill

Be Active:

  • Find ways of being more active, visit our stay active pages.  Alternatively visit the NHS pages on sittinghome based and strength exercises
  • Sport England has collated a range of online resources to help you stay active indoors and outdoors.  This is for older people, pregnant women, families with children and people with health problems or a disability

Local Options:


  • Podcasts offer a wide range of subjects for you to listen to and enjoy
  • Try some online learning
  • Digital skills – we have become more reliant on technology and online services over the course of the pandemic. If you find it challenging to do the things you want online (shopping, healthcare appointments, staying connected with family and friends, banking, sharing photos, etc), help is at hand. Get linked up with a local digital buddy. Contact Just Straight Talk on 01902 256744 or email