Looking after your wellbeing

Ideas to look after your wellbeing if you find yourself at home for a period of time:

  • If your stay at home is planned then be prepared e.g. buy personal food and essential household items that your family may need in advance. If you should need further items, pre-arrange for someone to pick them up for you or get them delivered
  • Order the right amount of repeat prescriptions and at the right time, about a week before you run out
  • Keep your room temperature comfortable. If you have a fever, be careful not to overheat
  • Keep your windows open to let in fresh air, get natural sunlight if you can by spending time in your garden if you have one
  • If you are able to, keep moving around, even when confined indoors. Move every hour to keep joints and muscles working and to boost circulation
  • Eat regularly, try and have at least one hot meal a day
  • Eat healthy balanced meals and drink enough water to stay hydrated. Visit our healthy eating pages or the NHS for resources and information on eating well
  • Visit our Self Management information if you have a long-term health condition and would like to learn some self-care tips.  You can learn how to develop a healthy sleep pattern, manage pain and fatigue, manage stress, anxiety and difficult emotions and manage shortness of breath
  • More information is available on staying healthy and active as you get older
  • Have a back up plan to support you in case of an emergency e.g. list of emergency contact details
  • Be careful of scams. For further information visit Trading Standards
  • Look out for volunteering opportunities – use your interests and passions to help others, you can still do this virtually even whilst you are staying at home
  • Relaxation – use relaxation techniques such as breathing or meditation exercises. Some people prefer to listen to their favourite music or use visualisation techniques. Find a place where you feel calm, confident and in control.  Visit the Road to Wellbeing for further information
  • Visit our information on seasonal wellbeing to keep you well during the colder winter months and hotter summer months.