Physically active games for care home residents

This inclusive physical activity programme has been developed in Dudley for use in care homes. The games provided here will help you to safely increase the activity levels of your residents helping to improve their strength and balance. The movements which occur naturally within the games match those prescribed by the physiotherapists. These games are a more light-hearted, sociable way of being active. They are an effective alternative for residents who don’t have the cognitive capability to follow a prescriptive exercise routine. These activities should be appropriate for almost anyone living in a care home. For some of your residents you can incorporate a sit to stand into most games, watch the noughts and crosses video to see how.

The activity manual will guide you through:

  • Setting up the activity
  • Encouraging residents to be interested in the games
  • Delivering the activity
  • Making the tasks easier or harder
  • How and why activity help to protect us from falling
  • How you can deliver the activities from the videos in a Covid secure way

The short videos support the activity manual. It is important to use the manual when planning games. The videos show the games being played and have simple instructions for how to deliver them.

This short video explains how moving more protects people living and working in care homes and how much activity we should all be doing.

Noughts and crosses can be a game which can build strength, balance and train cognition. The video shows you how to make noughts and crosses active.

Skittles style games are very inclusive. They are simple to make easier or harder. The video shows you how to deliver them to your residents.

New video!

Parachute games are a great way to get your residents enthusiastic. These will be particularly popular with any of your residents who have dementia. They are sensory, colourful and are certain to get everyone moving.

Even care home residents can play football. This video shows you how to deliver football based games.

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