Bereavement Information Hubs

The death of a loved one can turn your life upside down. Everybody’s experience of grief can be different, but many find that talking can help.

Compton Care’s Bereavement Information Hubs are a safe space where people who have experienced loss can come together and share their stories. These peer-support groups allow you to speak freely about your loved one and your experience of grief, in an environment with people who can understand first-hand how you might feel, without judgement.

It is recommended to allow at least three months following the death of a loved one before joining one of Compton Care’s hubs. The Bereavement Information Hubs are a peer-support group and not therapy or counselling and should not be used in place of such.

Compton Care offers face-to-face Bereavement Information Hubs and you do not need to be known to Compton beforehand.  All of the Hubs are free to attend.

To refer yourself to the hubs call 01902 774570 or email