As you go through your teenage years and move into adulthood you may encounter harmful influences and/or take part in ‘risk taking’ activities such as unprotected sex, drugs and alcohol.

If you want advice or to learn accurate information about any of these subjects Izone is the place for you. Izone is a one stop shop of local links for young people, where you can find information and services from housing to financial advice.


Drug and Alcohol Service

Here4YOUth is a young people’s drug and alcohol service in Dudley. It’s a free and confidential service and there to support you with any choices you wish to make about your substance use. Here4YOUth appreciates that stopping can be hard, so the friendly team will meet you in a place that’s suitable for you, where you will set goals that are realistic and achievable.


Sexual Health Service

Brook is a young person’s sexual health service in Dudley. It is free, confidential and is there to support and advise you with any choices you wish to make about your sexual health.
They also provide free of charge; contraception, emergency contraception, screening for sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), pregnancy testing and counselling.

Find Brook and other sexual health centres

Sexual Health Clinics in Dudley

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