Lets Get is changing….

The new name for Lets Get will shortly move to Healthy Dudley and will also have a brand new website to boot! More information will follow soon!

Most people consume too much sugar. Kids are having over 2 times more sugar than is recommended, with half of it coming from snacks and sugary drinks.

It can often be really difficult to know what a healthier choice might be.

Visit the links below for all the info, tips and advice you need to help your family be healthier and happier.

  1. Sugar facts and recommended daily amounts
  2. Foods to watch out for
  3. How to cut down on sugar
  4. Healthier food swaps
  5. Get the free NHS Food Scanner app

Sugar Calculator

It’s so easy for sugar to add up throughout the day. Here’s a simple way to check how much there may be in your kids’ favourite treats www.nhs.uk/healthier-families/food-facts/sugar-calculator